The Role of Pediatric Dentistry in Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health and Hygiene

The Role of Pediatric Dentistry in Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health and Hygiene

July 1, 2020

As a parent, your child’s health and well-being are of paramount importance to you. You will go the extra mile to ensure that they stay healthy, happy, and strong to discover what life has to offer.

This includes taking them for their health check-ups now and then at your family practitioner’s office, to guarantee that their health, growth, and development is on track.

You should know that just as important as it is to keep your child’s medical health in check, the same care and diligence should be given to your child’s oral health. This is because good oral health contributes fundamentally to the overall health and proper growth or development of your child.

Just as you have a dedicated pediatric doctor that your child visits, you should have a pediatric dentist near you who will be tasked with ensuring your child’s oral health and development stay on point.

Our pediatric dentist, unlike any general dentist in Lansing, MI, is trained and accredited to handle the oral health of children within all age groups, from infancy all through to their teenage hood.

Our dentistry for children is equipped and run by staff that is trained to tend to your child’s gums, teeth, and oral cavity, as they go through the different stages of their growth.

Good oral health care in children is vital. This is because it ensures that they are safeguarded against tooth decay, premature tooth loss, and any other future dental issues or complications that may arise due to a poor foundation of oral health.

What Dental Services Are Offered Within a Pediatric or Children’s Dentistry?

Our pediatric dentist in Lansing, MI, can play a crucial role in maintaining your child’s oral health. Several services are provided within our pediatric dentistry service for children, and these may include:

  • Performing thorough oral examinations on infants, to assess their risk of getting tooth decay or cavities in future
  • Conducting preventive dental procedures such as thorough cleaning of teeth and applying a dental sealant for kids and fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay and cavities
  • Addressing existing dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities
  • Furnishing parents with essential information on proper nutrition and diet will boost the development and growth of their children’s teeth.
  • Identifying any orthodontic issues such as misalignment, and coming up with treatment plans to rectify the issues in good time
  • Dealing with dental emergencies or injuries such as broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Providing counseling and alternative solutions to eradicate habits, such as a pacifier or thumb sucking, affect the proper development and growth of teeth
  • Singling out dental issues that may be linked to more severe health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease

What Are the Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentistry?

Most parents wonder why they should take their children specifically to dentistry for children instead of taking them to their general dentist in Lansing, MI.

Well, there are several reasons why our pediatric dentist near you will prove to be a better fit in your child’s oral health plan instead of your regular dentist. Here’s why:

  • Sufficient Training

Pediatric dentists undergo an additional two years of residence after four years of dental school. Within this two year residency, they are trained and taught how to deal with all dental issues about children, infants, teenagers, and even special needs children.

This training also includes children’s psychology. This knowledge equips them to be able to handle even children who suffer from dental phobias or anxieties, otherwise making it hard for general dentists to work on children.

  • Child-Friendly Space

Pediatric dentistry is tailor-made to make children feel comfortable and at ease. From colorfully painted walls lined with cartoon characters to tiny furniture, all these help put children at ease as they wait to see our dentist.

Children are somewhat intimidated by the plain and white surroundings within most regular dental facilities, which can fuel their anxiety during a dental visit.

  • Adequate Experience

Our pediatric dentistry facility is run by an experienced dentist and child-friendly staff, who have a wealth of experience in handling and working with children. You can be at ease if you are scared your child will throw a fuss because we have you covered.

Our staff not only knows how to calm children down, but they can single out potential dental issues that could otherwise have gone unnoticed by a general dentist.

Visit us today, a Gentle Dental Care, and let us help you establish the right foundation for your child’s oral health.