Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Lansing, MI

Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Lansing, MI

Have you noticed strange bumps behind your last pair of molars? Do you have a dull, aching pain in the same location? Does it look like new teeth are growing where there were none before?

These are the classic signs of wisdom teeth erupting, which usually occurs once a person reaches their teens or early twenties. This final pair of molars is often associated with greater knowledge, but they can be quite painful and often cause problems for the patient.

If you are searching for a dental office that offers wisdom tooth extractions in Lansing, MI, contact us at Gentle Dental Care. We are a team of professional dental staff that offers comprehensive treatment in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Before removing your wisdom teeth, our dentist will take x-rays and examine their location. They don’t always need to be removed, and our dentist in Lansing, MI can save you time and money by determining whether or not your wisdom teeth pose a risk to your oral health.

If the molars do need to be removed, we will schedule an appointment for the extraction. The removal is done while you are under the influence of anesthetic, which numbs the pain. Extraction can be as simple as pulling the teeth from the jawbone, but complications do occur.

For example, many people have impacted teeth. In this situation, our dentist needs to cut through your gums and break up the tooth, which does not have enough space to erupt.

The Benefits

Wisdom tooth extractions are done to preserve the integrity of your healthy smile. The teeth are prone to becoming infected and often do not have enough space to emerge. When this happens, they can become trapped and cause intense pain. They will also grow in at an angle and push your other teeth, causing overcrowding and misalignments.

When you choose to have a wisdom tooth extraction in Lansing, MI with us at Gentle Dental Care, we can save you years of pain and discomfort. For more information, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.