Gum Grafting In Lansing, MI

Gum Grafting In Lansing, MI

Gum Grafting In Lansing

Keeping your body healthy starts with taking care of your smile. Your jaw bone and gums is the foundation of your smile and our team at Gentle Dental Care provides several different treatment options that focus on gum health. Gum graft surgery is often used for restorative and cosmetic purposes. What is a gum graft and when are they needed? Continue reading on to learn more about gum grafting in Lansing, MI.

What is a Gum Graft Surgery?

Patients who are affected with receding gums can benefit from a gum graft surgery. This can be caused from a wide range of reasons including genetics, orthodontia, and over brushing. It focuses on removing the tissue from the roof of the mouth and cutting the gums that are surrounding the individual teeth. New tissue is attached with the help of your experienced doctor.

What You Can Expect from a Gum Grafting Surgery

Gum grafting surgeries can be uncomfortable, but our team can provide you with any needed medications or an aesthesia to make you feel relaxed and pain free. They will go over any other options that might work best for your specific situation and circumstances. A stent can be applied in order to help prevent bleeding from occurring. The stent covers the roof of the mouth and applies pressure. It also prevents the tongue from getting into the stitches and stops food from getting trapped. Our team constantly continues their education in order to provide up to date and modern treatments to the patients in the local area. New innovations in medicine allow for quicker healing periods after a gum grafting surgery and for more comfortable treatments.

If you are in need of a gum grafting surgery to help restore your gums and smile, then contact our dental office for more information. Visit our website and read the many reviews left by patients in the area who have found success in similar treatments. Call us today to book your next consultation and get back on the path to a healthier and more comfortable smile with the help of our dental team.