Crowns In Lansing, MI

Crowns In Lansing, MI

March 11, 2020

Our dentists at Gentle Dental Care have several ways to restore a smile after losing teeth. However, one of the most versatile ways is to replace or restore a tooth and its function by using dental crowns. Crowns can also improve the appearance of your teeth to give you a great-looking smile.

How Dentists Use Crowns

Our dentists use crowns to restore the function of a tooth and strengthen it after procedures like root canals. Due to the decay within the tooth, it is weak and can break if you chew with it. However, by placing a crown over the tooth, it becomes stronger, and you can use it as it was intended without fear of breakage.

Replace Teeth Via Bridges

If you have several teeth in a row that are missing, then our dentists at Gentle Dental Care can use a bridge to replace them. A fixed dental bridge is one with dental crowns on its ends and pontics between them that replace your natural teeth.

The crowns on either end of the bridge fit over the healthy natural teeth on both ends of the missing teeth and get cemented in place. The bridge keeps other natural teeth from tilting toward the gap and becoming loose. The bridge also helps to keep your teeth healthy by restoring their function as well.

You can return to eating the foods you love and show a smile without gaps in it when our dentists place a bridge in your mouth.

Capping Teeth to Improve Smile

If you have teeth that appear to be too small or that have odd shapes, then choosing crowns to go over your natural teeth, or capping them, can give your teeth a new look. Capping teeth is a common practice for those who depend on their looks for their living.

Actors, models, or musicians may cap their teeth so that they look great or to avoid them from becoming a distraction to their audiences. If you need to restore your smile by replacing teeth or improve their appearance, ask our dentists at Gentle Dental Care in Lansing, MI about how dental crowns can work for you.