Bridges In Lansing, MI

Bridges In Lansing, MI

March 11, 2020

Teeth restoration is something we’ve been doing for a long time at Gentle Dental Care. If you’re looking for dental bridges in Lansing, we have them and set up several patients with them each month. We also offer dental implants and dentures.

Dental bridges are quite popular, and many of our patients at Gentle Dental Care inquire about them. They’re a permanent and effective way of restoring teeth. We believe living with missing teeth has many consequences that aren’t just related to cosmetics. Even if they’re not immediately apparent, they will be with time.

Effects of Missing Teeth

The most obvious issue with missing teeth is the effect it can have on the smile. This problem isn’t as evident if the missing tooth is a hind one. Unfortunately, even a lost hind tooth can cause problems. Teeth stay in place based on how much space they have. If a tooth is missing, they’ll have more space and will start to shift. This will ultimately lead to spaces and increasing gaps between your teeth.

Our teeth are important for chewing and speaking. They affect the way our tongue moves when we talk. Having a missing tooth or several missing teeth can lead to trouble chewing and talking.

Dental Bridges for Restoration

A bridge is suspended between two fixed ends. The same applies to dental bridges. The artificial tooth is held in place through fixation to the two teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth need to be modified and have crowns applied to them so they can support the bridge.

If the adjacent teeth are decayed or not strong enough, a bridge can’t be applied. Additionally, if they start to decay and deteriorate after a bridge is placed, the bridge can fall. Otherwise, bridges are permanent and last up to 15 or 20 years for most patients.

You’ll have almost no restrictions with a dental bridge. Just take care not to bite or chew on any particularly hard foods or items. Regular brushing and flossing is also a must. Artificial teeth need to be looked after too.